Turkish Real Estate Market Overview - March 2015

posted @ 12:00am, Monday 23 March 2015.

MARCH, 2015

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Dubai: The Path of Symbiosis

posted @ 12:00am, Tuesday 17 March 2015.

This report dissects the structure and internal dynamics of Dubai Marina, as its importance for one of the hot spots in terms growing external investors (attributes 16% of total Dubai freehold transactions value in 2014). The supply dissection reveals that the community is skewed towards high net worth individuals as only 5% of the properties are below 1M AED.

An analysis between Emaar properties and Private Sector Developers’ (PSD’s) in Dubai Marina reveals that the former is a more liquid asset compared to the latter in a downturn. Moreover, a price index between both segments shows that Emaar properties have outperformed PSD’s by 26 points. On an historical average psf basis, Emaar properties trade at a premium of 185 AED/Sqf to PSD’s, or approximately 20% above the PSD index on a consistent basis.

A price analysis between JLT and Dubai Marina shows that JLT has outperformed PSD in Dubai Marina, but has underperformed Emaar properties. This outperformance has meant that JLT prices are virtually identical to the PSD in Dubai Marina, indicating that the less preferred location has been more than compensated by qualitative factors such as superior build quality and a better planned community. Given the superior rental yields at JLT, we opine that the price outperformance of JLT is expected to continue as Dubai continues its trajectory towards end users.

The current lull in the markets will likely continue to disproportionately weigh on PSD properties, as investors and end users alike will favor GSD properties in Dubai Marina. Given the “New Normal” outlook that is firmly in place in the real estate markets, JLT prices will continue to outperform in the medium terms as qualitative factors continue to dominate in the decision making criteria for the home purchases. 

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REIDIN.com Turkey Real Estate Indices: February 2015 Results

posted @ 12:00am, Monday 16 March 2015.

March, 2015

REIDIN Turkey Residential Property Price Indices: February 2015 Results

The residential sales prices for existing homes increased 1.12% in Turkey overall, 1.53% in Adana, 0.62% in Ankara, 1.02% in Antalya, 1.14% in Bursa, 1.20% in Istanbul, 1.02% in Izmir and 0.88% in Kocaeli during February 2015.

The residential rental prices for existing homes increased 0.60% in Turkey overall, 0.43% in Adana, 0.17% in Antalya, 1.05% in Istanbul, 0.67% in Izmir and 0.53% in Kocaeli; rental prices decreased 0.51% in Ankara and 0.56% in Bursa during February 2015.

REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index: February 2015 Results
According to February 2015 results, REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index remains increase of 0.20% in 1+1 flat type; increase of 0.38% in 2+1 flat type; increase of 0.65% in 3+1 flat type and increase of 0.35% in 4+1 flat type with respect to the previous month.

According to February 2015 results, REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index reveals that there is 0.20% increase in 51-75sqm size; 0.40% increase in 76-100sqm; 0.89% increase in 101-125sqm size; 0.65% increase in 126-150sqm and 0.49% increase in 151sqm and bigger sized properties with respect to the previous month.

According to the results of REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index, in February 2015 there is 0.39% increase with respect to the previous month and in compliance with February 2014 there is 6.19% increase.

According to February 2015 results of REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index, “Branded Projects” in Istanbul European side shows 0.13% increase and 0.55% increase in Asian side.

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