Turkey Real Estate Indices: November 2014 Results

posted @ 12:00am, Monday 15 December 2014.

December, 2014

REIDIN Turkey Residential Property Price Indices: November 2014 Results

The residential sales prices for existing homes increased 1.15% in Turkey overall, 0.96% in Adana, 0.87% in Ankara, 0.87% in Antalya, 0.80% in Bursa, 1.15% in Istanbul, 1.35% in Izmir and 1.46% in Kocaeli during November 2014.

The residential rental prices for existing homes increased 0.98% in Turkey overall, 0.21% in Adana, 1.20% in Antalya, 1.27% in Istanbul, 0.95% in Izmir and 1.45% in Kocaeli; rental prices decreased 0.34% in Ankara and 0.19% in Bursa during November 2014.

REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index: November 2014 Results
According to November 2014 results, REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index shows increase of 0.49% in 1+1 flat type; decrease of 0.64% in 2+1 flat type; decrease of 0.72% in 3+1 flat type and decrease of 0.50% in 4+1 flat type with respect to the previous month.

According to November 2014 results, REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index reveals that there is 0.27% increase in 51-75sqm size; 0.61% increase in 76-100sqm; 0.58% decrease in 101-125sqm size; 0.59% decrease in 126-150sqm and 0.42% decrease in 151sqm and bigger sized properties with respect to the previous month.

According to the results of REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index, in November 2014 there is 0.59% decrease with respect to the previous month but in compliance with November 2013 there is 5.63% increase.

According to November 2014 results of REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index, “Branded Projects” in Istanbul European side shows 0.07% decrease and 0.37% decrease in Asian side.

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Dubai: The Hunt for Yields

posted @ 12:00am, Monday 15 December 2014.

As real estate asset prices have been stabilized and they started to trend lower in certain areas, Dubai has entered the ‘new normal’ with investors beginning to hunt for stable rental returns. Historically, the greatest price appreciation has been occurred in the larger bedroom sizes (such as the three-bedrooms) giving credence to the trophy buying phenomena. However, as prices start stabilizing, a price growth compression begins within the unit sizes. In addition, we have seen a strong rally in price growth of mid-income communities in the last year compared to trophy communities, which has not been the case historically.

An analysis of the rental yields by unit sizes across monitored areas shows an inverse relationship between unit sizes and yields; the higher the unit size, the lower the yields. This trend is empirically observed in most real estate markets. Market trends recently indicate that investors’ buying pattern are changing in order to account for the larger sizes as owner-occupiers become a more prominent force in the market.

A comparison between the prices and the rental growth rates reveals that prices outperformed in the last four years by 15%, resulting in a yield compression across the board. The two-bedrooms have the least gap between the rent and the growth, whereas studios have the largest gap. This indicates that the latter appears to be out-priced sizes across the board, while both investors and developers will equally underperform serving to this area.

As the market matures, we opine that the demand for the two and three-bedroom units will relatively be larger than the historical norms, imitating trends in other developed economies. Therefore, the supply trajectory will need to adjust accordingly. In the interim period, it is likely that this segment for the market will outperform the others.

Note: Unitas is the author for these research reports and REIDIN is the sole data provider for these research reports.

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UAE Residential Market Overview - November 2014

posted @ 12:00am, Wednesday 3 December 2014.


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