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Nakheel Locks Residents Out Of Car Parks In Palm Jumeirah Shoreline Development

May 04, 2012
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Nakheel has locked the residents of luxury Palm Jumeirah Shoreline development out of their car parks. It is another move by the developer to collect outstanding service fee from the residents.

Last month Nakheel introduced a car park and building access system for Shoreline buildings 1 and 2, since then tenants, who have not paid service charges yet, have been refused to access parking spaces.

The car-park lockout is the latest twist in the long-running battle between the Palm Jumeirah developer and its residents, which was started when Nakheel banned some homeowners from accessing the gyms, pools and beaches. One resident of building 1 said that although he had paid rent for his apartment and two car parking spaces but still he couldn’t use them.

No one knows whether or not the steps taken by Nakheel are illegal. It is unclear that the car parks are considered common areas or a part of the bought property where access can be restricted. However, according to one person, the developer may not be acting lawfully since it was now the owners associations’ responsibility to block access for unpaid fees.

However, no one has approved this step taken by Nakheel. According to owners association, they have not approved the removal of car park access. “I don’t think it is lawful,” said Dean Cheesley, a senior legal consultant at DLA Piper who specialises in real estate. No comments are released by Nakheel, yet.